4.Two-component high-pressure foaming machine

(一)设备概述 HPPU-12型高压发泡机是PU整条生产线的核心设备之一,是生产高品质复合板的关键。 HPPU-12型连续发泡机是我公司自主研发,结合多年实际现场经验的高压发泡设备, 并获

(1) Equipment overview HPPU-12 high-pressure foaming machine is one of the core equipment of the entire PU production line and the key to the production of high-quality composite panels. The HPPU-12 continuous foaming machine is a high-pressure foaming equipment independently researched and developed by our company, combined with many years of actual field experience, and has obtained a number of technical patents. Mainly used in the foaming of continuous polyurethane sandwich panels, suitable for both soft and hard surface equipment. The main parts of the equipment are all imported. The machine has the characteristics of high continuous injection accuracy, online instantaneous adjustment of various material ratios, uniform mixing, stable performance, easy operation, and high production efficiency. (2) Function description HPPU-12 two-component continuous high-pressure foaming machine adopts two-component foaming system, 1 polyether (polyester), 2 isocyanate, each component is separately metered, and the flow realizes closed-loop control. With frequency converter, high-precision volumetric flow meter and magnetic coupling, the system can instantly and automatically change the output flow and mixing ratio. The working mode of the system is continuous on-line mixing. The polyether is sprayed into a mist through the high-precision high-pressure metering unit through the orifice of the mixing head, and then micro-mixed with the isocyanate in the high-pressure mist. The whole machine adopts man-machine interface control, animated display of the work process, various process parameters, including component flow, mixing ratio, mixing mode can be set and modified in the panel, the electronic control system and the production line are equipped with signal communication interfaces, and the production line When the speed is changed, the flow rate of various materials of the foaming machine is also changed in the same proportion to ensure the quality stability of the composite board and realize the full-line automatic production.



Unit pouring amount


Pressure range of pouring head to spray


Pouring head pressure adjustment

Compressed air pipe pressure

Each component flow system control

Flow automatic closed-loop control (also manual)

The nature of the crew's work

High-pressure continuous operation

Working tank volume

l Polyether 300L; l Isocyanate 300L

Two-component flow rate (adjustable mixing ratio)

l Polyether 50~300g/s; l Isocyanate 50~300g/s;

Material temperature control error

9 KW, cooling: 12900Kcal/h (cooling capacity)

Input power approx

33 KW;

Compressed air pipe pressure