3.2+2Discontinuous molding machine

2. The composition of the equipment
The equipment is composed of a host, a hydraulic drive system, a template carrier, a template carrier bracket, a template heating system, a moving crane for the mixing head, an anti-skid pedal, and an electronic control system.
2.1 Host
    The host is composed of a frame, a lifting beam, a base, a tilting device, and a track.
2.2 Hydraulic drive system
    The hydraulic drive system consists of a hydraulic station, 8 lifting cylinders, 2 tilting cylinders, a set of lifting pumps, a set of tilting pumps, a set of pressure-maintaining pumps, and corresponding high-pressure oil pipes and valves.
         Power: 11KW
2.3 Load template
Specifications: 12.4m in length, 1.4m in width and 60mm in thickness, composed of drawn aluminum alloy.
    The template is composed of a template, an automatic walking device for the template, and a mold frame position adjustment device. There are 5 loading templates, one of which is a fixed loading template.
Power: 0.55KW×8
2.4 Template support
The template carrier is composed of brackets and rails, and is installed on the left and right sides of the host.
2.5 loading template heating system
    The heating system of the loading template is composed of a medium heating device, a pump set, a pipeline and a corresponding temperature control device, one set on the left and one on the right.
    Power: 24KW×2
2.6 Hybrid head mobile crane
The moving crane for the mixing head is composed of a crane frame, a moving pulley in the X and Y directions, and a spring balancer in the Z direction.
2.7 Anti-slip pedal
   The anti-slip pedals are installed on both sides of the left and right template support and under the moving crane of the mixing head according to the requirements of the template loading operation.
2.8 Electronic control system
The electric control system is centrally controlled by an electric control cabinet, equipped with corresponding buttons, relays, temperature controllers, etc.



Product thickness specification


Maximum pressure


Moving speed of loading template


Laminating closing speed


Load template working temperature


Tilt angle of laminator


Total power

About 64KW