Jiangxi Yongsheng Purification Board Company
Source: admin      Release time: 2020-12-22
Equipment configuration:
      The production line is mainly composed of uncoiling system, cold-formed forming system, upper and lower plate glue system, lateral movement conveying and turning system, plate conveying System, hot pressing system, palletizing system, packing system, etc.
Project overview:
Annual output         :80~1 million square meters (calculated based on the board length of 12 meters)
The total length of the production line    : about 120m (including decoiler and box board equipment)
Effective length of laminator: 12m (belt laminator)
Number of workers      : 8-10 people

Clean plate cold bending forming machine


Purification board laminator



Purification board laminator


Transverse plate turning device


Spreading machine

Project background:
      The project client specializes in the production of manual purification panels. The metal surface rock wool insulation sandwich panel is an ideal material for multi-functional new construction and decoration. It has a variety of superior properties such as heat preservation, fire protection and decoration. It can be used in public buildings such as industrial plants, supermarkets, large warehouses, large-span roofs, mobile houses, etc., and can also be used in various cold storage, clean rooms, air-conditioning rooms, and communication base stations. And other places. Because of its high strength, beautiful appearance, convenient construction, short construction period, etc., it has become an ideal new building material in today's building materials and has been widely used. The traditional production line equipment is low in automation, labor costs are too large, product accuracy and equipment quality are also very low, and production efficiency is low. After many inspections, the customer decided to invest in the manual purification board production line of Zhongji Machinery. The production line has been running well after being put into production. The output is stable, which brings huge economic benefits to customers.
Project advantages:
      The production line adopts domestic and foreign advanced hot pressing technology, glue foaming technology, composite transmission technology, CNC servo control technology, frequency conversion Vector control technology, hydraulic control technology. The entire line only needs 8-10 operators to operate normally. The characteristics of this production line are: high degree of automation, fast production efficiency, simple operation, low production cost, and saving investment costs.