Mr. Hou Shuqi, chairman of Shanghai Zhongji Machinery, is currently the vice chairman of the China Private Enterprise Federation. He founded the enterprise in 1992 and won the title of high-tech enterprise. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating independent research and development, production, sales and service of polyurethane/rock wool/phenolic color steel sandwich panel production line, polyurethane foaming machine, cold-formed forming equipment and EPS/EPP foam sheet and packaging production line. Presided over the preparation of the national standard for 3D steel wire grid sandwich panels. The company has two factories in Qingpu District and Jiading District, Shanghai, with more than 300 employees, including more than 60 people with intermediate titles or above. The factory area is 40,000 square meters.

Color steel sandwich panel production line:
The total length of the double-blet continuous polyurethane color steel sandwich panel production line can reach 220 meters. The production line can produce different types of wall panels, roof panels, door panels, cold storage panels, interior and exterior wall decoration integrated panels, and polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool color steel sandwich panels and high-standard rock wool color steel sandwich panels can also produce polyurethane/phenolic insulation panels. The company also produces polyurethane/phenolic multi-component high/low pressure foaming units.
The rock wool color steel sandwich panel production line realizes 8 sets of automatic strip cutting mechanisms for 250mm high-density rock wool panels (technology introduced from Korea), automatic conveying, 90-degree turning, and band saw cutting after the sandwich panel is formed. Palletizing, six-sided packaging
Mr. Paul Cooper is the Australian chief roll forming machine design engineer of Zhongji Company. He has been engaged in press design for 25 years. According to the different needs of customers, he has designed and manufactured more than 200 production lines, such as highway guardrails, floor decks, and automatic Interchangeable C/Z steel profiler equipment, etc.
EPS/EPP  production line:
The chairman of the company, Mr. Hou Shuqi, and the chairman of JOTECHNIK Maschinenbau GmbH, MR. Kurt Albrecht, signed an agreement to cooperate in the production of EPS block moulding machinery in Shanghai in May 2009 in Germany. At the same time, they registered the use of the JOZJ international trademark in Germany and China, and comprehensively upgraded China and Kyrgyzstan. The brand awareness of EPS  machinery shares the global sales and service network.
In 1960, the world's first EPS block moulding machine was launched in JOTECHNIK Maschinenbau GmbH's Austrian plant. After that, more than 200 EPS pre-expanding machines, 500 EPS block moulding machines and 50 EPS block cutting machines were produced.
The general manager of the company, Mr. Li Yonghui and the president of Alessiohitech S.R.L Italy, Mr. Gianni Franco Alessio, signed a cooperation agreement in Milan, Italy in June 2012 to jointly produce EPS and EPP shape molding machine
at the Shanghai Zhongji Machinery Factory.

The company has successively introduced first-class machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and other high-precision processing equipment, such as 2 3mxBm gantry machining centers each worth 4.5 million yuan and 1 2.5mx12m gantry milling machine worth 3 million yuan, as well as welded structural parts. The heat treatment equipment, shot blasting equipment, sandblasting equipment, spraying automatic production line. It ensures that the level error of the 36m chain plate of the PU double-blet mainframe is below 0.5mm, and the high precision requirements such as the positioning and interchange of the four holes of the EPS block moulding machine and the EPS shape moulding machine are also improved, and the appearance quality and quality of the equipment are also improved, as well as service life.
Adhering to the business philosophy of "continuous self-improvement, ethics, perseverance, and pursuit of excellence", we are sincerely united and determined to innovate. The EPS/EPP machinery of different specifications has been sold to more than 100 countries and regions, and there are ten Overseas offices have opened up broad channels for international cooperation. The company took the lead in passing CE certification, 1809001: 2000 quality management system certification, and obtained more than 50 invention patents and utility model patents.
The innovative Zhongji company is a technological pioneer and leader in China's EPS/EPP machinery industry and color steel sandwich panel machinery industry!