Cut to length line

Cut to length line
  • ​cut to length line is engineered and constructed to meet specific end user needs for precision, production requirements and exacting material parameters in sheet lengths up to 150 inches. Our cut-to-length line is 60 inches wide, can run at 200 feet per minute, and is capable of handling 60,000 pound coils up to 84 inches in diameter.
  • The cut to length line has been configured to cut not only galvanized and painted steel, but a variety of steel products in an efficient and effective manner. Rubber inserts and urethane inspection rolls protect steel surfaces from scratching and ensure that the absolute highest quality products arrive at your facility safely and on-time, consistently. Our five-high precision roll leveler, with back up rolls, delivers flat sheet to meet your tough tolerances. Whether it be sheet or toll processing, we have the capabilities and the versatility to meet your manufacturing needs.
  • Steel coils are transferred by an entry coil car and loaded onto an uncoiler. From the uncoiler the strip proceeds through a five-high precision leveler designed to cold work (level) the steel within the desired material gauge range and yield strength. The strip then proceeds through a squaring unit and precision roll-feed unit to the high speed shear, where it is cut to the desired length. The cut sheet then moves to the air float sheet stacker where it is stacked on a pallet and is then moved onto the semiautomatic packaging line for wrapping.​
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