Slitting line

Slitting line
  • The various lines cut from 0.4mm up to 10mm with different coil widths and weights. Each of this line can be custom tailored to meet specific production needs. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as cold or hot rolled carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum,galvanized and different kinds of special alloys can be slit by these lines.
  • By means of programmable logic controller (PLC), system performance is based upon the characteristics of various metal sheets, and switches high / low speed operating mode automatically, so as to achieve improved efficiency and reduced maintenance dramatically. For lower malfunctioning, the material uncoiler uses an expand / shrink hydraulic cylinder that is mounted on an integrated steel frame.The materialuncoiler is equipped with a high efficiency disctype brake, its tension is adjusted by the air-pressure loop. Under this circumstance, the time for tension adjustment is reduced, the forced monetary braking is occurred thus free from loosen of coil.
Slitting line slitting line

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