EPS block molding machine

EPS block molding machine EPS block molding machine
  • With the use of PLC Controller (Programmable Logic Controller) and Touch Screen, the automatic looping process of opening and closing of the moulds, feeding, heating, heat preservation, cooling, mould ejection, and releasing the final product from the machine will be accomplished.
  • The Automatic Vacuum Control System does the feeding, heating, heat preservation and cooling.
  • The Vacuum System consists of the Vacuum Storage Tank, Vacuum Condensate Tank, and highly efficient water-recycling vacuum pump.
  • The machine is coupled by using high quality welding method, and to get rid of the rust, polishing, smoothing and aging treament, which gives the machine high strength, and without deformation. The density of the EPS Block can reach 6~40kg/m3, with fast EPS Block forming speed, uniform bonding, low moisture content, and with very minor deformation.
  • Applying a special Teflon coating to the surface of the mould cavity (Optional) makes the EPS Block to be easily ejected or released out of the mould.
  • The thickened wall Vacuum EPS Block Forming Machine has Automatic Conveyer, Automatic Electronic Weighing Scale, and the Automatic Printer.
  • This machine can be used to produce the width of 850mm, 950mm and 1150mm EPS Blocks, and also produce the width of 1000mm EPS Block for buildings.
  • The Horizontal Sliding-Door opening and locking mould has an elegant appearance, is safe and reliable, easy adjustment of the gap bzhongjieen the mould, which improves the air tightness in the machine.
  • Adopts 6 patent technologies.
Items Type/Unit EPSBM6000V/H EPSBM8000V/H
Mould Size mm 6120×1230×1050 8110×1240×1040
Mould Vol m3 7.96 10.46
Products Density/Proportion kg/m3 6-40 6-40
Production Capacity block/h 4-12 3-11
Steam Pressure Mpa 0.6 0.6
Steam Inlet DN mm 150 150
Air-compressed Inlet DN mm 50 65
Air-Compressed Power kw 30 30
Voltage v 380 380
Control Mode   Automatic Automatic
Structural Features   Hydraulic Sliding-door Vacuum Cooling Hydraulic Sliding-door Vacuum Cooling
Control System   PLC with Touch Screen PLC with Touch Screen
Max. Contour Size Mm 14000×4000×3000 16000×4000×3000
Machine Weight Tons 17 20
Automatic Feeding Device   Supplied Supplied
Electronic Weight   Supplied Supplied
Printing   Optional Optional

EPS products is widely used in packaging industry,food industry,safety industry, building industry,crystallised eps products.


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